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"Over a Glass" & "Four and a Bottle" show taping, drinking and eating

Sunday, December 6, 2009

For those of you that remember the ridiculously priced Wine Sessions, 10 glasses for $20, that we had over at Mantra/Bar Amalfi, we're back, but in a different way. Wine guy Zachary M.C. Harris has brought food guy Chef Al Paris in on two of his television project, and this is our first day taping episodes.

We're taking over Mission Grill restaurant on December 6th, 2009 and having two seatings, and taping a total of six episodes between both shows. Each seating will compose two episodes of Over a Glass and one episode of Four and a Bottle.

In Over a Glass, Zach will bring wine to which Al will pair the food. All in attendance will be seated and enjoy each course and be interviewed as to their reactions and/or impressions on the wine and the food. Several people will be chosen to sit at the main table and be the focus of the dining experience.

In Four and a Bottle, four chefs will each construct a meal on the fly given a glass of wine to taste. Several audience diners will be chosen to participate, being served both the wine and small plates of all four creations.

The first seating will start at twelve noon and feature five wonderful wines that I was introduced to that come from the country of Chile. These are some vivacious reds that will knock your socks off. The second seating will start at four in the afternoon, and the theme is wine seduction, with the focus being on bubbly (sparkling wine) and dessert wine. We might even throw in some chocolate!

Summarily, all in attendance will enjoy five glasses of wine, three tapas, one entrée and one dessert. Tickets are now $30 per person. For those of you that have attended past events, you know that you get your money's worth, and in this, you'll also be on our shows (5 glasses of good wine would run you at least $40 not including tax and tip; 3 small plates, an entree and a dessert would easily cost you about the same or more; you do the math and look at the bargain).

For more information, you can call me at 215-474-1911 or contact me. Space is limited to fifty people per seating. All tickets must be purchased in advance of the taping date.

Mission Grille
1835 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19103-2744

Cost: $30.00

The Menu

Here is our planned menu for the event; it can change folks

Red Wines at Noon

  • Brown sugar & chili glazed shrimp w/ caramel orange-curry aioli
  • Roast duck w/ pepper cress, dijon molasses pomegranate stick rice
  • Cracked chocolate with pepper-port jelly
  • Sesame roast bass, portabello fries and a ginger-soy glaze
  • Orange chocolate truffles and espresso dolce de leche

Purchase Tickets for the Red Wine Seating at 12 noon

Wine Seduction at 4:00 PM

  • Sea-scallop w/ lemon marmalade, candied almonds w/ arugula
  • Champagne roast chicken over burst grapes in butter
  • Creme Caramel French toast, seared honey/thyme pears
  • Roast salmon & mushroom ravioli, sweet pea - pepper pesto
  • Novello "Chocolate Hazelnut" Toasts, vanilla ice cream with strawberries

Purchase Tickets for the Wine Seduction Seating at 4:00 PM


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