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Tannic and hot but okay 2011 Bulgariana: Cabernet Sauvignon - Cabernet Sauvignon

Nice and light 2012 Wine by Joe: Pinot Gris

Inexpensive and with a little leather and tobacco on the back end 2011 Dominican Oaks: Cabernet Sauvignon - Cabernet Sauvignon

Cherry and tobacco 2012 River Road: Pinot Noir - Pinot Noir

Surprisingly good 2010 Bliss Family Vineyards: Zinfandel - Zinfandel

A little too hot 2012 Union Wine Company: Kings Ridge Oregon Pinot Gris

Not bad with some steak 2012 Carnivor Wines: Cabernet Sauvignon - Cabernet Sauvignon

Smoke, clove and cocoa 2012 X Winery: Lot 119 Petit Verdot

Green apples away Treveri Cellars: Blanc de Blanc

It klinked my klank 2011 Klinker Brick Winery: Old Vine Zinfandel

Change is a coming
by Zachary M.C. Harris

It's baaaack 2012 Kim Crawford: Pinot Grigio

Simply biutiful Grapes of Spain: Biutiful Brut Rose Cava

I like it 2009 Windsor Sonoma: Zinfandel - Zinfandel

I get bacon and leather 2011 Terra d'Oro: Zinfandel - Zinfandel


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