Friday, May 27, 2016  
5:09:53 AM  
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Bland as hell 2014 Collevite Cantine della Marca: Pecorino - Pecorino

Totally Wrong
by Zachary M.C. Harris

Totally sucks 2013 T-Vine Cellars: Zinfandel - Zinfandel

Port: We've Been Drinking it All Wrong
by Zachary M.C. Harris

Still sugary 2014 Summit Estates: Pinot Gris

A great sleeper 2012 Sobon Estate: Zinfandel - Zinfandel

Wonderfully great for the price Saint-Reine: Blanc de Blancs

A hidden gem 2011 Il Mastino: Sangiovese Superiore Riserva

A sexy blend, but not earth-shattering 2013 Melo Meli: Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark and wicked 2007 Blockheadia Ringnosii: Zinfandel - Zinfandel

Worst Zin ever 2013 A3: Zinfandel - Zinfandel

Just Where Did The Lie Start?
by Zachary M.C. Harris

A wonderful Recioto 2004 Le Salette: Pergole Vece

Could be a lot better 2012 Albino Armani: Ripasso - Ripasso

The One Wine Conundrum
by Zachary M.C. Harris


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Friday, May 27, 2016
5:09:53 AM